The DC1 chair is the result of our research,
it was created as a support to the Dolmen table.
The intention was to dismantle the concept
of shell, in order to achieve a minimalist
and living chair black, a reminder
of the marble table top.
The matt black lacquered steel chair back,
with cold and light appearance, is magnified
by a base four feet in ebony, sharpened and
reinforced at the ends by a piece of brushed
stainless. Steel and wood, that are part
of this chair, express both a powerful
contrast and a common faceted design.

Dimensions :

W 60 x D 55 x H 85 cm

Materials :

Metal : Brushed stainless steel

Wood : Solid ebony from Mozambique

Fabrics : Leather European Taurus – smooth grain

design-ostudio-chaise-acier-INSPIRATION3 copie copie design-ostudio-chaise-acier-INSPIRATION2  design-ostudio-chaise-acier-INSPIRATION3 


Dolmen Collection