The meridian is the result of our research to create harmony, a dialogue with the other creations of the Dolmen collection.

Its shell in matt black steel, its cold appearance and dynamic lines contrast with its comfortable light brown seat fabric, its soft curves and the warmth of its wood legs.

The pillows invite the user to snuggle in them and indeed offer him a reassuring cocoon. It was designed for the user’s everyday needs and desires. The meridian allows to sit, lie down or work on it, thanks to the sliding plates. In addition, we suggest the square seat, an essential extra furniture.

Dimensions :

Meridian : W 180 x D 90 x H 84 cm
Square seat : W 130 x D 90 x H 40 cm

Materials :

Fabrics : Cotton – Osborne & Little

Wood : Solid ebony from Mozambique

Metal : Matt lacquered steel

design-ostudio-meridienne-INSPIRATION2 design-ostudio-86fbg-table-INSPIRATION2 design-ostudio-meridienne-INSPIRATION1


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