Table DT1B of our Dolmen collection is composed of a 210×110 cm marble plate, resting on three feet : two feet in brushed stainless and one foot in solid ebony.
Everything was done in collaboration with a carpenter, a marble mason and a metalworker.

Pele de Tigre polished marble comes from Portugal. We take care of selecting the slice and tracing the template with the marble mason, before cutting.

This stone is based on another plate.
It is made of MDF, covered with natural and stained wood veneer.
Between these two plates, a steel plate was built to ensure its stability.

Dimensions :

W 210 x D 110 x H 80 cm

Materials :

Marble : Pele de Tigre from Portugal
thickness : 20 mm

Wood : Solid ebony from Mozambique

Metal : Brushed stainless steel

Planner support : MDF + natural ebony wood veneer 

design-ostudio-86fbg-table-INSPIRATION1 design-ostudio-86fbg-table-INSPIRATION2 design-ostudio-86fbg-table-INSPIRATION3


Dolmen Collection