Table DT1Z of our Dolmen collection is composed of a 210×110 cm Zimbabwe granite plate, resting on three feet: two feet in brushed stainless and one foot in solid ebony.
Everything was done in collaboration with a carpenter, a marble mason and a metalworker.

This stone is based on another plate.
It is made of MDF, covered with natural and stained wood veneer.
Between these two plates, a steel plate was built to ensure its stability.

Dimensions :

W 210 x D 110 x H 80 cm

Materials :

Stone : Zimbabwe black granit
thickness : 20 mm

Wood : Solid ebony from Mozambique

Metal : Brushed stainless steel

Planner support : MDF + natural ebony wood venee

design-ostudio-86fbg-table-INSPIRATION1 design-ostudio-86fbg-table-INSPIRATION2 design-ostudio-86fbg-table-INSPIRATION3


Dolmen Collection