The DF1 chair is the result of our research,
it was created as a support to the Dolmen table.
Under its inspiration of organic lines, this chair recalls the nature of the Dolmen collection.

Its shell, with smooth lines, offers a reassuring and comfortable support.
The robustness of its base brings a contrast to the soft light leather shell. In addition, our obsession of detail is revealed by the uniqueness and sophistication of the object.

Easily removable, the DF1 chair back,
seat and color can easily be changed.

Dimensions :

W 60 x D 53 x H 85 cm

Materials :

Fabrics : Leather European Taurus – smooth grain

Wood : Ebony from Africa

Metal : Steel

design-ostudio-chaise DC1 BLC design-ostudio-chaise0101-INSPIRATION2 design-ostudio-chaise0101-INSPIRATION3


Dolmen Collection